The Witcher: Mutation

Choose Your Weapon



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“The pen is mightier than the sword” is a famous refrain, but its truth depends on the pen…and your choice of sword. Just as The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia is no ordinary being, this no ordinary pen. Battle-scarred and bold, our homage to fantasy is made to let writers forge their own path, combining meticulous craftsmanship and gritty authenticity to summon their own extraordinary powers. Limited to 200 pieces.

Material: Vegan Leather, Sterling Silver 925, Celluloid
Trim: Sterling Silver 925, Stainless Steel
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Piston
Packaging: Special
Included: Ink Bottle (50ml), Ink Bottle (50ml)
Length: 149 mm
Diameter: 18.5 mm
Weight: 100.00 gr

+ Limited edition


The Witcher: Mutation  2351

The battledress of Geralt of Rivia inspires a hybrid silhouette crafted from sterling silver, stainless steel and textured leatherette. Every tactile detail is a touchstone to places mystical and magical.

The Witcher: Mutation  2352

Steel or silver? Two swords at your service: one for life’s everyday battles, and one for supernatural challenges. An integrated scabbard lets you carry both wherever your travels take you.

The Witcher: Mutation  2353

Safely stow your writing instrument in a genuine leather tool roll. Designed for journeys real and imagined, it contains coins from Geralt’s conquests and pockets for travel essentials.

The Witcher: Mutation  2354

Appearances can deceive. Within its antique exterior, precision componentry offers modern, reference-level writing, with a celluloid grip, 32-tooth piston filling and a nib of 18K white gold.

The Witcher: Mutation  2360